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2Design Web was established in 2002. Early days had us build from scratch a proprietary website content management system called Siteblocks® and it “filled a need” within the business community. At the time, WordPress, Joomla, and other open-source content management systems were not as trusted and popular as they are today. Today 2Design Web assesses the needs of our clients and their wish lists to provide the right toolsets producing the best online presence. It could be a CMS tool like WordPress, a custom one of a kind website, integrating an application like a full photogallery, blog, conference app...

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Good web sites should let users accomplish their intended tasks as easily and directly as possible.

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Developing a web site, mobile app, or interactive tool like a photo gallery, usability testing is important to ensure that what is being built will actually be usable.

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Jason and his teams’ work with the Sugarshack fundraiser over the last five years has been instrumental to the success of this charity event.

Their work, in terms of capturing the spirit of the night and sharing of our brand and message, has allowed us to nearly double our charitable donations, triple our sponsorship and sell out consistently!

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2Design Web's role is to share our knowledge in the online industry and apply that knowledge to your project.

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For the designers and interested clients out there, below are some articles on trends in the web design industry.

A Responsive Material Design App With Polymer Starter Kit

One upcoming technology that represents a big leap forward in making the web a mature application platform isweb components. From a high-level perspective,web components will enable better composability, reusability and interoperability of front-end web application elements by providing a common way to write components in HTML.

A Responsive Material Design App With Polymer 1.0 Starter Kit

The goal of this article is to show you why this will be such an important step, by showing offwhat can be accomplished right now using Polymer. Polymer is currently the most advanced and (self-proclaimed) production-ready library based on web components.

The postA Responsive Material Design App With Polymer Starter Kitappeared first onSmashing Magazine.

Getting Started With Wearables: How To Plan, Build And Design

If a user of your product is buying a smartwatch tomorrow and your app is not compatible with it or your notifications can’t be triggered from there, you might frustrate them. If you have a website or an app today,it’s time to start planning support for wearable devices. In this article, we’ll review the platforms available today, what we can do on each of them, how to plan the architecture, and how to develop apps or companion services for these new devices.

Getting Started With Wearables: How To Plan, Build And Design

Do you remember the shoe phone from Get Smart? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are probably too young (or I’m too old). (You canGoogle itnow. Just go; I’ll wait here in this tab.) The shoe phone we saw on TV was followed by many other wearable devices on TV, such as the ones on Knight Rider, The Flintstones, James Bond and Dick Tracy. Many years later, we can say that wearable devices are here and ready to use. We, as designers and developers, need tobe ready to develop successful experiencesfor them.

The postGetting Started With Wearables: How To Plan, Build And Designappeared first onSmashing Magazine.

Web Development Reading List #107

Lately, web development has become verycomplex. People being full-stack developers often complain to me that they can’t care about all these cool things in front-end development. People doing front-end still complain about having too few things to control the website, make it faster, more reliable.

Dark World Map

Thisgrowing gapworries me about the future of usual websites. For big web applications and big websites, it’s great to have all the options and a dedicated front-end performance engineer. But what about an average website? A simple website for a painter can't cost thousands of dollars.

The postWeb Development Reading List #107appeared first onSmashing Magazine.

Keeping Your Android App Popular After Launch

You’velaunched your appand it’s doing well. You worked hard, kept your initial features lean, and all of your effort has resulted in an app that users like and recommend to friends. So, how do you maintain that momentum and ensure that your app keeps gaining in popularity?

Keeping Your Android App Popular After Launch

This article covers somepractical approaches to keeping users interestedin and using your app, including talking to your users, keep on launching features, making the first impression count and using all functionalities of the operating system.

The postKeeping Your Android App Popular After Launchappeared first onSmashing Magazine.

Building Web Applications With Make

Most web developers use abuild toolof some sort nowadays. I’m not refering to continuous integration software likeJenkins CI(a very popular build system), but the lower-level software it uses to actually acquire dependencies and construct your applications with.

Building Software With Make

There is a dizzying array of options to choose from: Apache Ant(XML-based), Rake (Ruby-based), Grunt (JS-based), Gulp (JS-based), Broccoli (JS-based), NPM (JS-based), Good ol’ shell scripts (although no real orchestration around it). The build tool I want to look at in more detail here though is the granddaddy of them all: Make.

The postBuilding Web Applications With Makeappeared first onSmashing Magazine.

SmashingConf Oxford 2016: Just Your Cup Of Tea

We love organizing events that deliver value and leave a long-lasting impression.SmashingConf Oxfordis taking place again next year, onMarch 15–16th 2016. The conference will be packed withsmart real-life solutions and techniques, ranging fromfront end to design to UX— and a few delightful surprises along the way. Two days, one track, 14 brilliant speakers and 350 fantastic attendees.Tickets are now on sale.

SmashingConf Oxford 2016 image

Discussions about design trends and visual style are often very subjective and they rarely provide actionable, valuable takeaways. Nothing beats a conversation about what worked and what didn’t work in actual real-life projects and what decisions were made along the way. That's exactly what we're setting off to explore in Oxford — accompanied by a lot oflearning and networkingin the beautiful pathways and gardens of legendary Oxford.

The postSmashingConf Oxford 2016: Just Your Cup Of Teaappeared first onSmashing Magazine.

We use recognized project management tools to ensure your project stays on track and budget.

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