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Our SEO basics

People want that "Magic Formula"

There is no "Magic Fomula", but there are lots of SEO strategists that will tell you otherwise. Unfortunately, it's difficult to describe SEO to others, as it's a complex collaboration of actions and written copy. For as long as we've been doing SEO (over 15 years now), we've always taken the approach that we wouldn't want any of the engines to view our sites as if they were SEO'd and not put together for an actual visitor to the site. It's a simple strategy and one that works.

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If your copy reads poorly to a human, and does not come across as natural professional copywriting, the search engines won't like it either

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Quality targeted web copy engages your audience

We cannot stress enough that to everyone should use a professional copywriter to work on the important pages of your site. This is the best investment you can make for your site and your business. Even if you don't want to hire an SEO specialist, you should use a professional copywriter. You need someone who really and truly understands target audiences and how to write web copy your audience about the benefits of what you offer.

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We SEO without any particular formula in mind. ...because every site is unique and has different SEO needs.

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