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Web Design – Hosting – Domains




  • 5 – 10 Pages (static website development) or
  • WordPress install with a matched WordPress Template
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Social Media integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • One Contact Form
  • One Subscriber Sign-Up Form
  • Google Analytics
  • Hosting Service (annual rate)
  • Domain registration (annual rate)



  • 5 – 25 Pages (static website development) or
  • WordPress install with a Premium WordPress Template
  • Three WordPress premium plugins installed/configured
  • Your project is managed in our project management solution
  • & all Basic services



  • 5 – Lots of Pages (static website development) or
  • WordPress install with a Customized Premium WordPress Template
  • All project required WordPress premium plugins installed/configured
  • A Static website includes one custom developed/integrated application (i.e. Photo Gallery, Events Manager, File repository, User portal...)
  • & all Basic++ services

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If your copy reads poorly to a human, and does not come across as natural professional copywriting, the search engines won't like it either

2Design Web

Web Design


  • Prospects can get a feel for what your business is about before contacting you
  • 24-hour access to up-to-date information

Your Advertising Benefits:

  • Searchable in search engines and industry-specific directories
  • Opportunity to develop a valuable list of contacts
  • World-wide reach
  • Offer "web specials" and web-only promotions
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Earn revenue from advertising space on your website

Research is the Key!

In short, to get the results you want, you must perform research. Customer research. Market research. Competition research. If you have a clear website objective, measuring the results is simple. Then consistently apply changes using the scientific method to increase your website's performance.

The Internet is an ever-changing environment. Your website must keep up. Be prepared to monitor and revise your website on an on-going basis.

So, what are the benefits of having a website?

Building Relationships: Your website should satisfy your customers' and prospects' needs more efficiently, saving you time.

A new generation is out there - one that wants to be able to do it themselves. Give your website visitors what they want by

  • Providing a lot of valuable information,
  • Developing an online community where people want to hang out, and
  • Making it easy for your website visitors to spend their money!

Your Business Benefits:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Save time and money by decreasing live customer service
  • Update changes to information immediately
  • The web is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource

Popular questions that many businesses ask are:

  • Why do I need a website?
  • What can a website do for me?
  • Is it really worth the time and money?
  • What tangible benefits will come from a website?

The best short answer is, "A website can connect you with your prospects/customers/associates/suppliers in ways never before possible." You just need the vision to develop a website to suit your target audience's needs.

There isn't a standard website template that will work for all businesses. Fortunately, there is a website formula that can be applied in your website planning and preparation that will supply you with the information you need.

If your copy reads poorly to a human, and does not come across as natural professional copywriting, the search engines won't like it either

2Design Web

Domain & Hosting

Domain Registration

$10 – 40 / year

Information for domain registration from 2Design Web

  • We can register your domain for you if you haven't registered it yourself
  • Domains registration has an annual fee
  • Not all domains cost the same, for instance .com is usually much cheaper than a .tv domain
  • Super cryptic and/or long domain names are a disadvantage to your business. If people can't remember your spelling of your company or it's a complicated word to remember i.e. eudaimonia people won't easlily connect with your business

Website Hosting

$100 / year

Information for website hosting from 2Design Web

  • We can host your website on our servers
  • Hosting with 2Design Web has an annual fee of $100/year
  • If you have your own hosting we won't need you to move hosting if it is meeting your needs

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If your copy reads poorly to a human, and does not come across as natural professional copywriting, the search engines won't like it either

2Design Web

Email Services

Email set-up

With all Domain registrations with 2Design Web we can set up email accounts. There may be additional annual fees depending on the number of email accounts required.

5 Important Email Rules

  1. DO NOT click on potential spam emails because a) it validates your email address and b) puts you on several hundred more spam lists.
  2. Set your Webmail to have Low & Medium risk junkmail go into your Webmail Junkmail folder. Set your High Risk spam to be permanently deleted (or moved into your Deleted Items folder if you are scared of losing a legitimate email).
  3. As soon as you get a new client, they should be added to your safe/trusted senders list.
  4. Train the hosting server to recognize your trusted senders by putting a check by all legitimate emails in your Junkmail folder and (under Actions) click on "Unmark as spam". This will mark these addresses as trusted senders, and the Junkmail filters won't be applied to them again.
  5. Train the hosting server to recognize spam by checking any spam that got into your Webmail Inbox and (under Actions) click on "Mark as spam".

A good idea is to log in daily to your email account and make sure that:

  • if you are on a subscription email list and no longer wish to recieve emails from that sender, there must be by law an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, use that link to unsubscribe.
  • that no legitimate emails have gotten stuck in the Junkmail folder and mark legitimate emails as safe/trusted senders, and
  • and if spam has gotten to your Inbox, mark it as spam or block sender.

Make sure to delete any Junkmail and spam emails to clear them out of your Webmail. Avoid opening junk and spam if at all possible it can send messages back to the sender that there is a person opening those emails and prompt more spam to be targeted to your email address.

This 2-minute routine can save you hours of work if you let your Junkmail and spam emails pile up.

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We SEO without any particular formula in mind. ...because every site is unique and has different SEO needs.

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